What makes OMG Pet Different?

Our mission amale veterinarian surgeon worker treating examining west highland white terrier dog in veterinary surgery clinict OMG Pet Grooming is to give every single pet a relaxing, stress-free and soothing grooming experience. We focus on your pet’s safety, their grooming experience and your piece of mind that your pet is getting the best care possible.

How do we do that? By giving your pet one on one grooming appointments free from the stress of other pets, being put in a kennel, or being exposed to the fast pace environment of a busy grooming shop.

In the calm, one-on-one atmosphere of an OMG Pet Grooming van your pet can be at ease with our soothing chi music enjoying a relaxing bath and massage with aroma conditioner products followed by a loving cut and grooming session. We use proper professional training techniques that help teach your pet to enjoy their grooming experience. Nothing is better for us than seeing your OMG! Pet Mobile Grooming Vanpet leave our van with a smile, feeling great as they are getting walked back to their home post-pampering.

Let us know if your pet needs help getting over their grooming fears and we will schedule extra time for our groomer to spend with them. We love to see improvement in shy pets who go from not wanting to come close to our van, to running to us and jumping in our van ready to get spoiled. It truly is a magical thing to see as a pet stylist as well as for the pet parent!