How does mobile grooming work?

We have a full-service salon conversion in a cargo van complete with all the supplies needed for a bath, grooming or styling. All you need to provide is your pet and we will handle the rest.

Do you need an outlet? Plug in?

Our grooming van operates on an inverter, which is powered by the vehicle’s battery. Only on very rare occasions would a plug in be needed.

Do you do cat’s?

Yes, we do! Kay specializes in “Hard to handle” cat situation’s: Senior cats, first timers, matted coats, cats with special needs, etc..

Why can’t I stay with my dog?

We would love to be able to allow you to stay. However, it is our goal to give your pet the most stress-free experience possible which is best accomplished by maintaining a distraction free environment.

What kind of products do you use?

Our goal is to use the most effective and environmental friendly products that are offered to the industry. We use Top Performance and Davis Veterinarian Products.

Why mobile instead of a shop?

This is a great question! Mobile is a lot more convenient for both pet and parent. Your pet gets to avoid a potentially stressful car ride and is guaranteed individual one on one attention. Plus, they don’t have to wait in a crate to be picked up. For the pet parent, it’s an easy and convenient way to cross an errand off your to-do list!.

What can I do to prevent fleas/ticks?

There are a few preventative measures you can take. First, and most important, is to keep your pet on a regular monthly flea preventative medication. Second, you should consider keeping your yard on a monthly pesticides treatment to reduce the risk of fleas or ticks creating a home on your property. Lastly, keep your pet on a regular schedule for grooming. Your groomer can watch for signs of fleas and notify you before a larger outbreak occurs.

How can I pay?

OMG Pet Grooming takes payment of Cash, Check, Credit Card or PayPal. We will provide an email receipt of service only, so please be ready to provide your email address at time of making your appointment.

Can I make automatic recurring appointments?

Yes! You may create an automatic recurring payment for weekly appointments up to 8 weeks at a time. We also would advise you to consider our grooming/ spa packages, which offer up to a 15% discount.